Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week on pictures 5

Hi guys!

Time for next week on pictures! Week started well but ended poorly. I hope next week gonna be better for me. But I can't complaint, actually always can be worse :)
Enjoy my week on pictures:

Like every week flowers :)

The sea is angry. Seaburn

 Best fun for kids, escape from the wave...

My love <3 P.S. No he's not father of those kids :)

Sky and sea always makes me relax.

Girls wanna have fun! :)

 Date <3

Best pizza I've ever ate. 

Good chocolate it's not bad :)

Who wants a new recipe? :)

Guys! I wanna say massive THANK YOU for those who visit my blog. I'm so happy there are people who wants to read those posts. It makes me mobilized. THANK YOU! <3

Hope you enjoy!
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  1. I love the sea is angry photo! And I love the title that you gave it!! But I do have to say that food pics are my fave!!
    The Beauty Break //

  2. The sea looks amazing! Looks like a very good week :)

    Yasmeen x