Saturday, 8 March 2014

February favourites

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to show you last month favourites. I know it's a little late... Hope you gonna forgive me :)

Favorite perfumes definitely Versace Bright Crystal. This is really light, fresh and floral fragrance. For those of you who wants feel femininely.

When I lived in Poland, I had my favourite face scrub but I found out really difficult to buy it now, when I live in UK. So I tried to find something what I can easily get here. St. Ives was first one which I tried and I know there not gonna be anymore :) I like smell of apricot and price especially. I'm so happy that I found my no. 1 scrub here!

I showed this conditioner on my blog already. It was few months ago when I had long hair. Than I cut them and I decided not use any conditioners for a while. A few days ago I used this nutrient again and I fell in love one more time (if it's possible :)) I love this fresh smell, soft and smooth hair effect. 

Certainly I can say: YT made me buy it and I don't regret. When I went to the shop to find something for my face I was torn between this product and Garnier Micellar Water. Finally I decided to take LOreal. When I finish this one I would like to try Garnier as well to compare them. For now I'm really happy using  LOreal because it's gentle for my eyes and removes make-up properly. 

I have no big expectations about shower gel. In my life I had maybe 3 shower gels which I wasn't really happy using them. Nivea hawaiian bliss smell realy nice and fresh, that's why I will buy it one more time in future. 

Time for make-up! I'm not big expert about make-up cosmetics. If something is good for me, I'm using this long time. Also I'm not buying many color cosmetics because my make-up is actually always the same. 
Long time I had a big problem to find good foundation. I have combination skin and few months ago I noticed that my T zone shine more than usally. I tried few foundation, and finally one of my friends recomended me Revlon Color Stay and I'm absolutely happy. My colour is buff. 
MAC studio finish I bought because of YT as well and I'm satisfied. Cover imprefections really well and is long lasting. That's what I need! And last one is Sleek blush. I always wanted try Sleek cosmetics. I like this colour and long lasting effect. Price is also really good. 

These are my favourites of the past month. 
Let me know whats your favourites are. 

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  1. Love this perfume so much. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa