Sunday, 16 March 2014

Link love

Hello everyone!

I'm spending a lot of time reviewing lot of blogs. That's why I had idea to create new series on my blog call LINK LOVE. In this kind of posts I'm gonna share intresting link which I found on the Internet. Please let me know what you think about this idea. So today I would like to show you first 5 links. 
Hope you gonna like. Enjoy!

1. If you looking for easy, cheap and beautiful floral inspiration, definately visit this blog.

2. Looking for inspiration how to decor childrens room? Deborah is master in this field click

3. I never liked cauliflower, but after when I saw this recipe I've changed my mind forever! 

4. I was really happy when I saw this post because it reminds me last summer when I tried to take few jumping photos with my friends. We looked like elephants :D I'm gonna show you this picture at the end of this post. I hope my friends will not have anything against :) 

5. And finally my favourite DIY project! It might be good idea how to do cheap and personalized gift for someone special. Click

Me, my friends and jumping photo: 

Hope you like it!
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