Friday, 28 February 2014

Spring outfits

Hi guys!

I feel spring in the air! Can you feel it as well? Today I prepered 3 simple looks for different occasion. I can't wait to put my winter jacket to the wardrobe and go for a shopping to buy new one for spring. Hope you like my proposals. Let me know what you think and what's your favourite shops are. 

Hope you enjoy guys. 
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Monday, 24 February 2014

My first wish list

Hi guys! 
As each woman, I like do shopping. I love actually! This year I decide to control my temptations and fight them. I am trying not to buy lot of clothes, cosmetics and stuff like that. It's just because I realized that I always spend money for some stupid thing. This year my biggest goal is going for some all inclusive holiday. That's why I try to plan my expenses. I compose my wish list. It's not obviously list exactly for one month. It might take few months before I will buy all this things, but definitely I'm going to buy them this year! 

I have a birthday in June, so it's going to be easier make my wishes come true! Haha

What is your opinion about some of this thing? Let me know.

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Home made burger

Hi guys!  
Today I am going to show you how prepare healthy,  easy and cheap burgers at home. 

What you need is:
* mince meat (pork or beef,  it's up to you)
* rolls (to make your burger much healthier use wholemeal roll)
* lettuce or salad
* onion
* tomatoes
* pickled cucumber (or fresh if you don't like pickles)

Toppings are really up to you.  Put there what you like. 
If you want add some dressing,  make it by yourself.

* greek style yoghurt
* garlic
* salt and pepper

Put rolls to the oven for few minutes to make them crunchy. Fry meat with spices. If rolls and meat are ready,  compose your healthy and delicious burger.  10 minutes and it's done. Easy? Easy! And it's not cost more than £2 per burger. 

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Week on pictures 3

Hi guys!
I'm so lazy this winter. I can't wait for summer.po Probably I'm not alone with this problem. The only one think which I really hate in UK is weather.  Often rain, not many sunny days and wind. I wish I could live in Spain... I am sending you guys a little sunshine. Here is a few pictures of my last weeks.

Memories of my trip to Barcelona
Chocolate foundue for Valentines day is coming...
Jamie's Olivier recipe. I love it!
Gym time
Cinamon swirl <3
Fast and delicious dessert
Anniversary flowers

Hope your days are not lazy as mine.

Saving money tips: FOOD

Hi guys!

Have you ever wonder how much money you can save in everyday life? I did! Last few days I spent doing research about it and I decided to create new series on my blog about money saving. Today I am going to give you 5 tips how to save money on food. 

1. Every single day find out what food products you have at home.  This is the  most important tip which let you save money. If you in your fridge is meat which you bought few days ago and forgot about  it is very likely that you can throw it to the bin loosing money at the same time. Check your supplies regulary! 

2. Do not buy some products just because it is buy one take second for half price etc. offer. If you know you are not able to eat 2 kilograms of carrot, do not buy them because it is cheaper. I mean especially about fresh products like vegetables or fruits. If you necessarily want buy, freeze part of it. You will avoid looses. 

3. Check shelves with reduced food. Yes, I am not crazy. Do it every time when you are in shop. If you need for example bread for today, take this which is reduced. In some case you can save even 50%! I do it all the time and I am still alive. I have seen many times people buying bread that 30 seconds later was reduced. Cut-price does not means not good.

4. Do lists. I have my list every time when I am going to the shop. Before shopping list I am creating menu for all week. Than I can easily find out what I need to buy. When you already have you shopping list, constantly buy only what is on it. You will avoid spending money on unnecessary products. 

5. Prepare your food at home. You do not need to spend money eating out every day. It is easy, healthy and much cheaper prepare your meals at home. You will be suprised how much money you can save per week. 

I am using this tips in my everyday life and I spend £30 per week for 2 people on food. I think it is pretty little. 
Let me know what you think about saving money and what tips are you using in you everyday life. I can wait to find out new saving money ideas.