Thursday, 27 March 2014

Spring cleaning!

Hi guys!
Spring is already here! That's why it's time to big cleaning. If I have a good day, I can clean everything. Actually I like to clean because if I see mess at my home, I feel really bad. Today I prepared few useful tips for big spring house cleaning. 

1. Clean your wardrobe. Check if there is something which you don't use. You must be honest with yourself! If you didn't wear this black dress for a years, probably you not gonna do this anymore. You can sell or donate your spare clothes. 

2. Throw out anything in your makeup bag that’s expired. Remember all cosmetics have a different expiration date. For example: mascara 3-4 months, foundation and concealer 6-12 months, lipstick and lip gloss 2 years, powder, blush, eye shadow 2 years. Don't forget to clean your brushes regulary.

3. Wash your window and shower curtains. Than clean you windows. You don't need to use any specific detergents. Mix water and vinegar (75% : 25%).

4. Wash your pillows and air out mattress. Spring is a good time for this. You can also use baking soda for freshen your mattress.

5. Clean sink and bath drains. Pour half cup of baking soda down the drain, next warm water. Wait few minutes. Pour cap of rock salt and run the warm water. Cut lemon into slices and put to the disposal, pour hot water on it. Lemon helps clean drain and makes them smell nice.

Don't forget about your favourite music :)

I hope this post will help you in a spring cleaning. I have refurbishment at home already so my spring cleaning still waiting. But I can't wait to start! Let me know your ideas for spring cleaning! :)


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Link love

Hello everyone!

I'm spending a lot of time reviewing lot of blogs. That's why I had idea to create new series on my blog call LINK LOVE. In this kind of posts I'm gonna share intresting link which I found on the Internet. Please let me know what you think about this idea. So today I would like to show you first 5 links. 
Hope you gonna like. Enjoy!

1. If you looking for easy, cheap and beautiful floral inspiration, definately visit this blog.

2. Looking for inspiration how to decor childrens room? Deborah is master in this field click

3. I never liked cauliflower, but after when I saw this recipe I've changed my mind forever! 

4. I was really happy when I saw this post because it reminds me last summer when I tried to take few jumping photos with my friends. We looked like elephants :D I'm gonna show you this picture at the end of this post. I hope my friends will not have anything against :) 

5. And finally my favourite DIY project! It might be good idea how to do cheap and personalized gift for someone special. Click

Me, my friends and jumping photo: 

Hope you like it!
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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Week on pictures 5

Hi guys!

Time for next week on pictures! Week started well but ended poorly. I hope next week gonna be better for me. But I can't complaint, actually always can be worse :)
Enjoy my week on pictures:

Like every week flowers :)

The sea is angry. Seaburn

 Best fun for kids, escape from the wave...

My love <3 P.S. No he's not father of those kids :)

Sky and sea always makes me relax.

Girls wanna have fun! :)

 Date <3

Best pizza I've ever ate. 

Good chocolate it's not bad :)

Who wants a new recipe? :)

Guys! I wanna say massive THANK YOU for those who visit my blog. I'm so happy there are people who wants to read those posts. It makes me mobilized. THANK YOU! <3

Hope you enjoy!
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Saturday, 8 March 2014

February favourites

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to show you last month favourites. I know it's a little late... Hope you gonna forgive me :)

Favorite perfumes definitely Versace Bright Crystal. This is really light, fresh and floral fragrance. For those of you who wants feel femininely.

When I lived in Poland, I had my favourite face scrub but I found out really difficult to buy it now, when I live in UK. So I tried to find something what I can easily get here. St. Ives was first one which I tried and I know there not gonna be anymore :) I like smell of apricot and price especially. I'm so happy that I found my no. 1 scrub here!

I showed this conditioner on my blog already. It was few months ago when I had long hair. Than I cut them and I decided not use any conditioners for a while. A few days ago I used this nutrient again and I fell in love one more time (if it's possible :)) I love this fresh smell, soft and smooth hair effect. 

Certainly I can say: YT made me buy it and I don't regret. When I went to the shop to find something for my face I was torn between this product and Garnier Micellar Water. Finally I decided to take LOreal. When I finish this one I would like to try Garnier as well to compare them. For now I'm really happy using  LOreal because it's gentle for my eyes and removes make-up properly. 

I have no big expectations about shower gel. In my life I had maybe 3 shower gels which I wasn't really happy using them. Nivea hawaiian bliss smell realy nice and fresh, that's why I will buy it one more time in future. 

Time for make-up! I'm not big expert about make-up cosmetics. If something is good for me, I'm using this long time. Also I'm not buying many color cosmetics because my make-up is actually always the same. 
Long time I had a big problem to find good foundation. I have combination skin and few months ago I noticed that my T zone shine more than usally. I tried few foundation, and finally one of my friends recomended me Revlon Color Stay and I'm absolutely happy. My colour is buff. 
MAC studio finish I bought because of YT as well and I'm satisfied. Cover imprefections really well and is long lasting. That's what I need! And last one is Sleek blush. I always wanted try Sleek cosmetics. I like this colour and long lasting effect. Price is also really good. 

These are my favourites of the past month. 
Let me know whats your favourites are. 

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cheap and delicious country salad

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram you should know that I like cook and eat of course. I'm big fan of different kind of salads. Today I'm gonna show you my new idea for easy and cheap one. Enjoy! :)

Ingredients and prices for 2 large servings:
*Iceberg lettuce (49p)
*4 Eggs (50p)
*Tomatoes (60p)
*Bacon (I used 200 g (40p))
*Half red onion (10p)
*3 pieces of bread (bought reduced (20p))

1. Slice lettuce, tomatoes, onion and bacon.
2. Boil eggs and cut into quarters.
3. Cut bread into small pieces. For croutons prepare olive oil and some spices like chilli and basil (something about 20p). It's up to you. Mix small pieces of bread with olive oil and spices and fry in a pan to make them crisp. 
4. Fry bacon.
5. Mix everything and your salad is almost ready. 

If you would like add some dressing use greek style yoghurt (3 big spoons (30p)), clove of garlic (10p), salt and paper (10p).

I spent £2,99 for 2 large servings. 

Saving money tips:
1. Don't throw bread if it's not quiet fresh. You can use it to do croutons.
2. Find at shop cooking bacon. It's realy cheap option because it's already cut into small slices. I bought this one at Morrisons for 90 p per 500 g. 

Hope you enjoy!
Let me know if you tried this recipe :)
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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Home spa 1

Hi guys!

Polish joke says: God created world and he knew that is good. Then God created man and he knew it's good. Finally God created woman and said: you will be doing make up! Funny or not but this post it's not gonna be about Polish jokes. Most of woman do make up every day but not all of them remember about face and body care! You don't have to go to the beauty salon to care of you. Today I'm gonna show you how easy and cheap make your home beauty salon. 

1. Prepare warm bath.
2. Turn your favourite music.

3. Take a glass of wine
4. Light the candles.
5. Use some of my recipe for home made mask or scrub:

Body scrub

  Lips scrub

 Face mask

Treat yourself like a princess. You deserve it!

Let me know what you think about my ideas. 
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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Week on pictures 4

Hi everyone!

Today it's time for next week on pictures. It was special week for me because I was at a X Factor tour concert. My boyfriend knew that I love this show and bought tickets for us as a Valentines gift. Actually it was first big concert in my life and I was really impressed. This week was full of good food as well. Spring is coming so I try to eat more healthy. I'm pretty sure that you will find on this blog a lot of food inspirations. Let's see my week on pictures:

X Factor tour

Wonderful Sam Bailey <3
Quality horrible I know :)

Yumi! Delicious country salad. Coming soon :)

Fat Thursday "TÅ‚usty czwartek" Polish tradition.

Time for relax.

Zaza Bazarr. Best buffet in Newcastle. I recommend Italian section with live cooking. I tried carbonara and it was delicious :)

After all this food time for gym!

Just me :)

Sunny day. Can't wait for spring.

How was your week? 
Hope you had wonderful time. 
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