Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week in pictures 1

Hi guys!
Today I'm gonna show you my week in pictures. Hope you'll enjoy :)

Hello! It's me

This picture I made in Beamish Museum. I love this place.

 I love read a books. My Kindle Paperwhite is all the time with me.

Even is the weather is bad, my life is pink!

 My beautiful flower.

Where is spider? :o

Time for diner with friends <3

 Last summer flowers :(

Sunset on the beach. Cullercoats. 

My big love! My little sister when she was hmmm 5? :) I found this pic few days ago and I fell in love.

Poly xxx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

I love charity shops!

Hi guys!

I try to decor my room and I haven't any ideas about pictures. I was in Dunelm, B&M, Ikea, Wilkinson and I didn't find anything interesting. Yesterday I found beautiful pictures in charity shop. I wasn't sure buy them or not. Today I made my decision and bought them and I am so happy because they look fantastic in my room. I think this kind of shops are really good idea to help people in need. I like go there not just for buy but also when I have clothes which I don't need, I can leave it there. Charity shops in England are great. I always go there to find something special. 

And here they are...

Hope you enjoy guys! This is my first note so please be forgiving :)

What are your plans for tonight? 
I'm staying at home with my <3 and this is our time for relax! :)