Monday, 24 February 2014

Home made burger

Hi guys!  
Today I am going to show you how prepare healthy,  easy and cheap burgers at home. 

What you need is:
* mince meat (pork or beef,  it's up to you)
* rolls (to make your burger much healthier use wholemeal roll)
* lettuce or salad
* onion
* tomatoes
* pickled cucumber (or fresh if you don't like pickles)

Toppings are really up to you.  Put there what you like. 
If you want add some dressing,  make it by yourself.

* greek style yoghurt
* garlic
* salt and pepper

Put rolls to the oven for few minutes to make them crunchy. Fry meat with spices. If rolls and meat are ready,  compose your healthy and delicious burger.  10 minutes and it's done. Easy? Easy! And it's not cost more than £2 per burger. 

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