Thursday, 12 June 2014

How to find best deals?

Hi guys!

Today's post will be about best deals I've ever found. I'm a woman and it's obvious that I will always looking for new cosmetics even if I have lot of them at home. What is my secret to find really good bargain? Watch, watch and watch! Every time when I'm at Boots or Superdrug I'm looking for reduced products. I'm trying not to buy cosmetics at regular price cos I know that I can find what I need at reduced price. Today for example, I found Avene Hydrance Optimale creme for 3,50! Regular price is 13,50 pounds! How I found this? I went to the Boots just for quick watch what is there new. Firstly I found reduced products shelf. And there it is! :)

Similar situation was 2 days ago. I went to Wilkinson to buy some chemicals and what? I found Shwarzkopf hair oil for 1,37 (regular price 5,49) and shower gel for 0,49 (regular price 1,99). I was looking for new hair oil few weeks but all of them were so expensive and I knew that some day I will find something good and cheap. And there it is :) 

Today I was looking for new shampoo at Morrisons when I found 2 John Frieda products for 2 pounds each (regular price 6 pound each).

Every time when you're going to the shops, keep your eyes open! It's worth it :) 

Of course you should be reasonable! Don't buy any products just because it's cheap. If you don't need this it doesn't make any sense cos after few months you will probably put it to the bin. 
Think before you buy.

What you can do else to save money buying cosmetics? Take advantages. Don't be affraid to ask about discounts or adantage cards.

If you're student, don't forget about NUS card!

Follow discount and deals sites:
My favourite:

Hope you found any useful information. Let me know what is your way to find best deals! 
Can't wait :)


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