Sunday, 18 May 2014

News in my cosmetic bag

Hi guys!

We've got beautiful spring already. Are you happy? Because I'm! During last few weeks I was so busy that's why here was a bit quiet. Today I'm going to show you few of my new beauty products. 

1. First product is Clinique  blended face powder (£21 price). Mine is 20 invisible blend.
I bought it just because every time when I look at mirror my face seems to have different shade. I decided that transparent powder will be the best soultion for me. I'm using this powder for 1 month and I'm really happy. Once I finish this one I will let you know if I'm gonna buy next one. 

2. Lirene foot cream with 20% urea ( 2 pounds price)
This is product which I bought during my holiday in Poland. I heard a lot about it on youtube so I decided that I have to buy. I always have big problem with roughness and I hope this cream will help me. I did'n open this product yet cos I have different one to finish. But once I finish this one I'll let you know what I think about it. 

3. Bielenda hand cream (1 pound price).
If I bought foot cream, it was obvious that I'm gonna buy hand cream as well. I decided to buy this one just because was on sale. I will test it but I hope it gonna works cos I;m big fan of hand creams! 

4. Brightening hot cloth cleanser from Boots (5 pounds price).
If you know Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser you must try this one as well! This is cheaper equivalent for Loz Earle in my opinion. I found out about this on youtube and I went to buy it. I tried Liz Earle as well but smell of this product was too insolent for me. When I tried this one from Boots I was in seven heaven :) The smell is really nice and this price...! What could I want more? Just try it! 

I'm really happy because last few weeks I'm trying to use up all my beauty products which I have at home and DO NOT TO BUY anything unncessary. And I'm doing really well with my resolve :) Of course I still have many products but I'm really careful when I'm going to the shop. 

Have you bought any interesting products in last few weeks? :)



  1. The brightening hot cloth cleanser sounds good! I might have to try it sometime :) xx

    1. You should try if you like this kind of products :) xxx