Saturday, 14 June 2014

Traveling on budget

Hi guys!

Summer is already here that's why I decided to create post how to travel on budget. I would like to emphasize that I'm not an expert and everything what you will find in this post is my experience. 

1. Flight
Few months ago we flew to the Barcelona with my boyfriend. It was really spontaneous decision. We were thinking about small break few months. To be honest we haven't enough money to go on real, all inclusive holidays. Some day I found great website If you heve no specific plans where you want to go, that is the best idea. Visit this website and find cheap flight. Easy? In November, we found cheap flight to Barcelona. Our return tickets cost 35 pounds!

2. Accomodation
The next step was find some hotel. Try to book your stay in advance! This is really important for good prices. If you are a person who like to meet new people than good idea for you will be hostel. It's cheap because you pay just for bed. We stayed at hostel and paid 10 euro per person/night/bed. You can choose between 4 beds room up to 12 beds room. More beds in the room than cheaper. If you travel with friends that might be one of the economy option for you. Hostel which we stayed in was Urbany Hostel. I wouldn't recommend this place to be honest just because of lazy and not really friendly staff. But there is a lot of different, great hostels which are still cheap! 

3. Plan
If you travel somewhere you should ask yourself what you want to do there. Our main purpose was sightseeing. The most important thing for us was make really good plan. Few days before we made big list of places where we want to go. We spent many hours online looking for useful informations about places which we would like to visit. We checked prices, location and opening hours. We were walking like a 10 miles per day. During our for days stay we used metro just once and we saved a lot of money :) And you know what? It was best plan which I've ever done. We didn't lost any minute! 

4. Other ways to save money during your travel
It's obvious that we have to eat something during our travel. The best  and cheapest way is to buy food at supermarkets. But if you want to go to the restaurant, check it before you will go. We've got a lot of useful apps and websites so it will be easy to make a decision :) Great place for food in Barcelona is Burger Kiosko. Best burgers, big portions and good prices. Avoid "restaurants" with big banners 3 meals for 10 euro! Believe me :) We've lost this way 20 euro. 
If you need to exchange money, do it in your country. Make research and find best exchange rate. We made a big mistake because we had not enough money and we went to the exchange shop in a city center. They paid us 60 euro for 80 pound which was big loss. 

In total we spend 180 pounds per person per 4 days. This amount could be lower but it was our first budget trip and we made few mistakes. Now, when we know how to avoid "unpleasant surprises" our next trip will be much cheaper :)

Barcelona is a beautiful city! I would really recommend to visit this palce. 
If you have more experience about traveling on budget share with us! <3

Hope you enjoy this post,


  1. I love traveling and always try to save up and spend wisely when I travel. These are some great tips!