Thursday, 3 April 2014

Project empty boxes #1

Hi there!
I wasn't here for a while... I lost my motivation and I was really lazy. Few times I tried to post something but I couldn't. Today I realized that I have a lot empty boxes! I collected them to show you my first empty boxes project. I don't know why but it's exciting when you finish some beauty products. Can you feel the same or maybe I'm odd?! Haha. So moving on, there is everything what I found in my house to show you guys.

This is my best lip balm ever! Cheap, smells nice and I love it. I meantioned about this here.

I bought this facial wash when we were traveling to Spain. Just because of flight regulation about cosmetics capacity. I don't like it at all! I hardly used it up. Really! My skin was really tight after using this one, and I felt like my skin is still dirty. I'm not gonna buy it anymore!

I mentioned about this conditioner here and here.

It's the worst anti-perspirant I've ever had! Smells not really nice and doesn't work for me. I used it up as a air freshener :D

Garnier body lotion. Hmmm it's hard to say something about this product. Actually it wasn't really bad but it's wasn't really good. I bought it on sale so I just paid something like 1,50 that's why I don't regret but to be honest, probably I'm not gonna buy this one anymore because was too sticky for me and I like really light body lotions formula.

This is my best shampoo available in the UK! I love this smell, price, and my hair after using this product. It's my fourth or fifth bottle. I really recommend! 

And I have to say again that I bought this shower milk because of sale. Probably I would never pay for shower gel more than 1 pound. I don't expect mirracles after using this kind of products. I just need nice smell and foam. That's why I'm not gonna pour into drains more than quid :) I will buy it in a future for sure...

This shower gel is my favourite because of smell. I'm aroma freak so it's the most vital things when I have to choose beauty products :)

This anti-perspirant it's definetely my favourite one! It does what it has to do, smells nice and is really gentle for my skin. Love it!

I don't like use body lotions but when I firts bought this product I felt in love. Why? Because of light formula which absorb really fast and I don't have sticky skin feeling. When I finished my firts bottle, I went to buy new and decided to take this one from picture. It was winter and I really hate cold. After using this lotion I was so angry cos I realized that this one has cooling effect! It was drama for me to use it up but I did. I still love this formula but next time I'm gonna read labels carefully :)

Neutrogena daily scrub. I really like this product. Every time when I used this one my boyfriend asked me: what's a nice smell? He really like it, so do I. This cosmetic is gentle for my skin, cleanses my face really good and lasts long. I'm gonna buy it one more time for sure!

Ufff... That's all of my empty boxes :)
I hope you are still here, read this post until the end. Please let me know if you used any of this products and what do you think about them? Now I can put all this empty boxes to the recycling bin and start collect new ones. 
Hope you enjoy guys. Please left some comment down below :)


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