Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Saving money tips #2: COSMETICS

Hi guys!
It's time for my second post about saving money tips. As everyone knows womens like spend a lot of money buying cosmetics. But it doesn't mean that we don't care about prices and saving moneys. I like to try beauty news every time when I'm going to the shop. There is always big temptation to buy new mascara, body lotion or something which I don't really need. Yesterday when I went to the shop I saw two cosmetics on a sale. It was a hair treatment and body lotion. Of course I put two of them to my basket and... and after few steps I decided take just hair product. Why? It's simple. I still have one body lotion at home so I don't need next on even if price is really, really good. Down below you'll find saving money tips which you might find reallu useful in everyday life. 

1. Don't buy new products if you still have few differents at home. 
I always had this problem when I went to the shop. When I saw sale I was buying many cosmetics and never used them. It's a big problem for most of us I think. If you see sale be carefule and resonable! Think if you really need new lipstick if you already have few at home? When you use up all your prodacts than you'll find many different sales to buy something. 

2. Always cut your empty cosmetics boxes.
If you used up your body lotion cut the box. You'll be really surprised how many products is still there. 

3. Looking for 3 for 2 or 50% off offers.
If it's time to fill cosmetics gaps try to find beneficial offer like 3 for 2 or 50% off. But! 3 for 2 offer might be a bit trick because it doesn't mean that you have to buy anthing else. Find out what you really need! This is really useful website if you're looking for good offers: http://www.hotukdeals.com/. 

4. Swap or sale.
If you bought something which is inappropriate for your skin type sale it or swap with friends. You can use many different websites like: http://www.swapz.co.uk/, http://www.freebeauty.tv/beauty-swap-shop/.

5. Returns.
Don't forget you can return cosmetics! Once I bought foundation but was to yellow for my skin. I used it few times with differents cosmetics combination but it didn't works so I decided to return. I haven't any problems. Superdrug has friendly returns policy so worth trying. 

6. Home made cosmetics.
You can always use products which you have at home to create beauty products. Just use your imagination. Here you'll find few ideas for home made beauty products. 

I hope you enjoy my second post about saving money. If you find out something useful, please let me know and share you ideas how to save money in a comments down below! :)


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