Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Everyday make up cosmetics

It's been a long time but I'm finally here. Today I would like to show you my spring everyday make up cosmetics. I'm person who likes new products but also when I have to buy something I'm always thinking about it at least 3 times. I always check many websites, read comments and compare products before I buy. That is why I still have make up products which I bought year or even more ago.
The first step before I put my make up on is moisturizer. Currently I'm using Origins GinZing which is very good but quiet expensive. I was extremely excited to try this one so when my brother asked me what I want for Christmas I knew it's going to be this one!
The next step in my everyday make up routine is foundation. I use Revlon Color stay as it is the only foundation which doesn't makes my skin shiny after few hours. This is very important for me as sometimes I'm at work 14 hours and I have no time to go and check how my face looks like. So yes, Revlon Color Stay is my favorite one for at least 2 years. 
As I like very mat look I need to use some powder. My number one for year or even more is Clinique loose powder. This product is amazing because last for ages. I bought it about year ago and I'm pretty sure that I will be able to use is for at least one year more. 

Moisturizer, foundation, powder... and I already forgot about concealer. Currently I've got two. One is MAC and one is Collection and I have to say that buying MAC was waste of money really. Don't take me wrong. I think it's a good product but 17 pounds for that one is far too much compare to 3 pounds of Collection one which is even better. 
On this pic you can also notice my Real Techniques sponge. I was very curious what effect applying foundation with sponge will give on my face so I bought it and I don't regret. I'm aware that probably by using sponge we waste more foundation but anyway I this it's still worth it! 

And while my face is "almost complete" I just need to apply some mascara and make my eyebrows and I'm ready to go. For eyebrows I use MAC eye shadow Brut from The Monster Bride pallet. 
For me this pallet has also other use. I contour my face with this product! I was usually using Sleek contour pallet but I realized that those colours are too orange for me. I was desperate to find something which is a little bit brown and a little bit grey as Slavic people have got naturally quiet grey shadows on a face. Honestly, I probably tried all the bronzing powders and contouring products available at drug stores and I found nothing. Than I realized that I can actually use MAC eye shadow from this pallet (top right one). So problem solved! 

Last step in my everyday make up routine is mascara. In my life I was using millions of mascaras. I've tried YSL, Max Factor, Essence, Maybelline and many others but my favorite one is Lancome Hypnose. As it is quiet expensive, I cannot always afford it. For that reason I use Miss Sporty one nowadays. 

Hope you like this post. Please let me know what's your favourite products for everyday make up routine! 
Have a lush day,
Poly x

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