Wednesday, 22 January 2014

People made my day!

If you ask me what I like the most in England I'm gonna say: PEOPLE! Every single day on my way to work I'm meeting the same people. And what is the most beautiful? Most of them saying: HELLO,  GOOD MORNING, HOW ARE YOU? In Poland it's unusual.  People not saying hello to strangers, sometimes not even to neighbours. People in England are kind and polite generally. When you going to bank,  shop or somewhere else, they trying to do everything what makes you feel comfortable and important as a customer.  Unfortunately in Poland in many cases,  if you're going for example to the post office woman who is working there looks like unhappy because you came or because she has to work there. Really! It's unbelievable how big difference you can notice between British people and Polish. Especially in a public sector.  Of course I don't want to say that all Polish people are bad, unkind or something like that because they are NOT!  :) but I think we, Polish people,  should learn from British how to be kind and polite.
Remember!  You don't have to pay for saying HELLO or GOOD MORNING to someone but it can makes the world nicer.  Sometimes just try to say something nice to stranger ♥♥♥

Good day guys!  
Poly xxx

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