Saturday, 5 October 2013

September favourites

Hi guys! 
Today I'm gonna show you my September favourites. This will be not only cosmetics but book, series and app. 

First one is:
Loreal Hair Expertise
It's my favourite shampoo and conditioner. They make my hair sleek, smells nice and looks healthy. 
Price: 3 pounds

Next is: 
 Also Loreal but it's cream. 
Moisturizing cream for day. It's good for my combination skin. Really light, smells nice and ti's cheap. 
Price: 3 pounds

And this is my number 1 ever!

Lip balm Tisane. You can buy it on Polish websites. I bought this when I was on my holiday in Poland. Makes my lips nice, soft and lasts long. 
Price: 2 pounds

My favourite perfum is: 

I bought it in Poland as well. I like it cos is really fresh and light. Perfect for summer I think. 
Price: 14 pounds

My favourite nail polish in September:
Miss Sporty
I like them cos they are cheap and have a nice colours. They are long lasting and available in most stores. I like their big brushes. It makes them easy to use. 
Price: 2 pounds

I would like to tell you about my favourite series in September.
Tadam, tadam, tadam...: 

Broadchurch! Is a British television crime drama. My boyfriend found this and I really enjoyed this series. I can't wait for next season.
And know it's time for my favourite app:

With this app you can compare the cheapest flight. I found really good flight from Newcastle to Barcelona. Ticket return cost just 35 pounds! So I'm going to Spain with my boyfriend in November. It's just for weekend but I can't wait. Check this app really worth it. 

Let me know what was your favourites in September. 


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